Avery Kate

Avery Kate was a healthy ten week old baby girl who went to sleep for a nap and woke up in Heaven. We miss her every second of every day. SIDS became a reality in our family and we will never forget our beautiful baby girl.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

October 2011

October was the last month I got to stay at home with my baby girl. I watched a lot of Law and Order SVU, visited friends and family, and did some shopping. I also played a lot on Pinterest which caused me to be very crafty. I made a fall wreath for my door, made some bows for the girls, and did a lot of photo editing. I finally felt productive with my time off.
As I was exploring the possibilities of Pinterest one day I had Law and Order playing on the TV in the background. The episode was titled "Missing Pieces." In short, the parents in the show had claimed that their baby had been kidnapped. When they finally found the baby and began the autopsy, they could find no cause of death. This caught my attention, because the doctor just kept running tests and could find nothing. I put the computer down and really listened to the ending of the story. I was so curious as to what they'd find. The result was SIDS. The doctor explained that when there is no cause of death to be found, they rule it as SIDS. The parents thought for sure they had done something wrong which is why they were claiming kidnapping in the first place. The police let the parents go without charges. I could not believe what I saw. I could not wrap my head around the fact that SIDS was actually no cause of death. I thought it was suffocation, or choking, or even aspiration. But, no cause of death?? Wow, how unsettling right? There was a reason my TiVo recorded that episode, and there was a reason I watched it. When all of this happened with Avery Kate I totally understood everything the coroner and doctors had told me.
On October 16, 2011 we baptized sweet Avery Kate into the Catholic church at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Lake Charles, LA. It was a wonderful ceremony. Father Keith is just amazing! Avery Kate did not cry a bit nor did she ever make a sound. She wore the same baptism gown that Brandon once wore when he was baptized which is the same one that Hallie wore just two short years ago. Looking at the pictures of Hallie on her baptism day and Avery Kate on hers, you cannot tell them apart! They were both so beautiful and angelic. I picture Avery Kate to be somewhat like that right now. My youngest brother Kyle was the Godfather and Brandon's sister Jenny was the Godmother. Our family and friends came over to our house for gumbo after the ceremony, but the most important guest of all was my paw paw. I never expected him to be able to make the almost two hour drive from New Iberia. I had tears of joy in my eyes to see him walk through my door. It just meant so much to me to have him here.

Thursday, October 27. Avery Kate turned 8 weeks old. I dressed her in our favorite Hallie hand-me-down dress and took her to Accessory Zone to get her ears pierced. She was such a trooper. There were tears, don't get me wrong, but they were dried up by the time we got to the register. We left there and went to visit our friend Lindsey and her new baby Charlie. Avery Kate and Charlie were only 17 days apart. We had a great visit and then came home to show dad the new earrings! We sat out in the driveway on that beautiful afternoon while Hallie drove her little car around and waited for Brandon to drive up.

On Monday, October 31 I had to go to back to work. It was Halloween and we had teacher inservice so I thought that would be the best day to go back. I dressed Avery Kate in a Hallie hand-me-down onesie that said "Baby's 1st Halloween." Of course it had the matching socks and hat. I dropped her off at Honey and Pop's house, the same babysitter Hallie went to when she was a baby. They only keep babies up to 18 months old, so Hallie was no longer there. I was totally comfortable dropping her off there. I went to school, which was literally right around the corner and shed only the smallest tear. I was sad because I felt like time had flown by! She was already 8 weeks old. I knew I wasn't having any more kids, so the thought of my baby growing up so fast just frightened me. Of course she did fine with Honey and Pop that day and I rushed to pick her up the second our meetings were over. We both went to pick up Hallie after and rushed home to get ready for trick or treat! I bathed the girls together and dressed them in their matching Halloween outfits for picture time. After that I changed Hallie into her candy corn dress that Mrs. Christy made. Brandon came home from work and we got in the car to go to Chad and Holly's house in the neighborhood across the street from ours. My mom came and met us there. We went from house to house in the big double stroller and had such a great time. We even got to see Mr. Keith, Mrs. Christy, and Jenny along with many other friends. I sure was exhausted after a long, long day. We came home, changed, and went right to bed. I had to get ready for my first day with kids the next day, and after the sugar-filled night I was sure they all had, I was nervous!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Orleans

Thursday, September 29, 2011. I pack up my car for our first over night stay. It took me almost an hour to get the bassinet for Avery Kate to sleep in, pack n play for Hallie to sleep in, Avery Kate's bouncy seat, one clothes bag for each girl, a bag with all the toiletries, a bag for the formula and gallon of water, and let's not forget about clothes for me to wear. Brandon had to work and was then going hunting in Texas. This was probably a good thing because I didn't even have room for him to sit! Terri (my step mom) had her family coming in from all over the country for a family reunion. Most of them were going to New Orleans, but I just couldn't bring my one month old baby to New Orleans to sit in a hotel room all weekend. I thought I'd just visit with them Thursday night and spend the rest of the weekend in New Iberia with my mom, brothers, maw maw and paw paw, and my aunts. Well after hearing everyone talking about the New Orleans trip all night Thursday night, I just knew I had to go see my family. I spent the night in Youngsville Thursday night wondering how I would be able to leave my baby.
Friday my family all headed to New Orleans. I packed up the girls once again and headed to New Iberia. Avery Kate got to meet my maw maw and paw paw for the first time as well as my aunts and cousins. We had a great day visiting. I wanted to take both Hallie and Avery Kate to watch my brother Kyle's high school football game. Maw Maw insisted that the weather was just too cool for Avery Kate and she should babysit. Of course the weather was just fine, but she needed an excuse to keep the baby. My nannie, Mona, was also staying at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house after having an emergency hysterectomy 3 weeks prior. They were all thrilled to keep Avery Kate with them for a few hours.
Hallie had a blast at the "foot-game" and cheered for Uncle Kyle the entire time. The game was awesome and the panthers won! I kept thinking about how much fun the other side of my family was having and how I wanted to go for at least one night. Now I never left Hallie over night until she was much older. How was I going to leave my 4 week old baby? My mom said she could handle both girls over night and didn't mind if I went.
The next afternoon I hugged my babies good-bye and left for New Orleans. I cried for about the first twenty minutes of my trip. Then, I get a speeding ticket. Seriously?? It was a speed trap, really it was. After this, I'm thinking, "What am I doing? I'm leaving my newborn baby to go to New Orleans." I just felt terrible and I thought hard about turning around and going back to my mom's.
Once I got to New Orleans though, I saw my family and had the greatest time. I also got to meet baby Gavin (my cousin's baby) who was just a few weeks older than Avery Kate. It was a great reunion and a much needed night out.
The next day I drove the long drive back to New Iberia, watched some of the Saints game at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house, and repacked the car...AGAIN. My mom kept saying what an awesome time they had together. I was glad they had that "girl time." We went back to Youngsville for some of my dad's awesome gumbo. My grandma from Opelousas was also there to meet Avery Kate for the first time. We ate and visited with the family. It was pretty late so we tossed around the idea of staying the night in Youngsville. Brandon didn't want us on the road after dark, but I just kept thinking about loading my car up yet another time. I couldn't do it, so we drove home in the dark and made it just fine. It was a long, but wonderful weekend! I was very glad to be home though.
Now that all of this has happened with Avery Kate, I have realized why God pushed me to leave Avery Kate with my mom that night. She would have never had the opportunity to be with the girls by herself. This was such a cherished time for her and I know she holds it close to heart. Once again, God has left me with no regrets.
Here is a picture of the girls in MiMi's bed cuddling that night.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Something's not right...

Friday, September 23, 2011. I had been congested during the week and I felt like Avery Kate may have caught it too. She just didn't sound right. Our regular pediatrician was out of the office so I texted my friend Sara to see who I should see as a backup. I didn't want her to go the whole weekend being sick. My Text message to Sara read, "Poor baby is just not herself....I know she's 3 weeks old but still. I know how she is already." I went in to see the doctor and he told me how babies breathe through their noses and she was OK. So weird right? I swore she was sick. The following week my baby girl still sounded like a little piggy. I brought her in to see HER doctor this time. Well you would know he told me the exact same thing! Avery Kate is healthy and happy, she's OK. WHAT!! I hid my face as I walked out because I just felt like "one of those mothers." I was so embarrassed until our doctor said, "Brandi, come by any day this week or this weekend. I will check her out again if you think something is wrong. Don't feel bad for caring about your baby." That made me feel much better. We left and went home.
I'm so glad that I went the these two doctors because I am rest assured that nothing was wrong with Avery Kate and there was nothing that could have been done to prevent her death. God made sure I had two different opinions that way I knew she was OK. I have no regrets. She honestly was a healthy baby. Looking back at these few weeks, I think God did this for a reason. He saved me from wondering....
What if something was wrong and I could have fixed it? What if I missed something? I never think that, and I am so relieved and blessed that these thoughts aren't going through my head. God was looking out for me, and I know he still is.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Newborn Pictures

September 14, 2011...my original due date. I'd been thinking about this day for the past nine months, and now instead of being in labor all day, I got to hold my baby girl all day! We had plans to take her newborn pictures with a local photographer. I still wasn't released to drive yet so my friend Ashley was spending a few days with us and agreed to drive us there and help out. We picked up Hallie from Mrs. Kathy's and headed downtown with a car full of clothes and props. I couldn't wait to get Hallie and Avery Kate's pictures together! But I was even more excited to use some of Hallie's old hats and bows and see how much they looked alike. When Avery Kate wore that purple hat with the huge flower on it...she looked identical to Hallie. The only difference in the two was that Avery Kate had beautiful blue eyes, where Hallie's were brown. I love those eyes! Anyways, It was the longest photo shoot ever, or so it seemed that way to me! I wasn't supposed to be lifting Hallie, but she had to potty, she wanted candy, she wanted gum, she didn't want to smile... and the list goes on! The photographer also keeps it warmer in her studio when she does newborn shots so the babies can be all cute and naked and not get cold. So I was sweating! Avery Kate did pretty well, cried every now and then. I'd feed her and then we'd keep on going. Thank goodness I had Ashley there to help me, because it was so overwhelming with a newborn and a two year old.
So I get my picture proofs a few days later and for some reason I was not impressed...at all. I literally cried all day long and demanded we re-take the pictures. Well the photographer was not willing to re-do them for free and I was just devastated! I kept looking at all of the pictures and crying! I even set up some baskets and blankets around the house and tried to re-do them myself, but they were horrible. I kept crying and crying about these newborn pictures. Even Brandon was like, "Brandi? Why are you so upset about pictures?" I didn't know, but I just couldn't stop crying.
I went back online and looked at the picture proofs. Then it hit me. There was a picture of Avery Kate sleeping in a suitcase. To me, what did it look like? A coffin! Yes, a coffin! I just thought no mother should ever have to see her child in a coffin and realized those pictures were the ones that upset me so much. I immediately texted a friend and asked her to take more pictures for us. She took Hallie's pictures and we loved them. I knew I had to retake these pictures of Avery Kate or I would regret it forever.
I went to Kasha's house one Thursday. Her camera lens was broken so she just used my camera. I have a really nice camera so I knew they'd come out great. It once again felt like the longest day ever! Hallie was not cooperating once again. She was eating blue fun dip, chewing gum, playing with my phone, and just being a little turkey! I had a bad feeling about these pictures just because of how terrible Hallie was acting and of course, Avery Kate would get newborn acne just in time for the close ups! Poor baby girl! We spent a couple of hours taking pictures at Kasha's house and then went out to the salt water barrier to get some good outdoor shots. Kasha made me get in some of the pictures with the girls, and I just thought, "My hair is horrible, I'm tired, my body isn't like I want it to be yet, and she wants me to take a picture!" I honestly figured I'd take them and then delete them because I knew I'd look terrible.
Kasha sent me the link to the pictures two days later and I fell in love with every single one of them! I even liked the pictures with me in them...ha! I was visiting with Maw Maw and Paw Paw when I saw them for the first time and they were oohing and aahing over them just as much as I was. Maw Maw wanted one of each! She just kept saying, "Oh that's my favorite. No that's my favorite!" I was so happy to have the pictures I wanted. And now, those pictures with my girls and me are worth more than gold.
I am adding "The Picture" tonight but want to stress that I still loved many pictures that the original photographer took. This particular one just upset me as you can I'm sure see. The picture at the top of this blog was also taken by the same photographer and I am thankful that she gave it to me :)

Our first 2 weeks together

After Labor Day weekend ended and the crowd settled down, it was just Avery Kate and me. There were many movies and Law and Order SVU episodes watched during those first 2 weeks. Not to mention how much Cancun cheese dip I put away. So much for losing my baby weight right? I'd feed Avery Kate at around 10:00 every night. I'd put her to sleep in her bassinet right by my bedside, and everyone would sleep through the night. When I say everyone, I mean Brandon would sleep, Hallie would sleep, Avery Kate would sleep, and of course Sadie would sleep. Me? No way! Avery Kate slept on my side of the bed and she sounded like a game of Angry Birds. Seriously! She would snort, snort, snort, and squeal away all through the night leaving me wide awake. She sounded like she was choking a few times, and I immediately jumped up to her rescue to find her sound asleep; not a care in the world. Wonderful, just wonderful. Here I am worrying myself and shining my cell phone light on her sweet angelic face, and she is just dreaming away into Never Never Land? Well that's fair! I always heard people talking about how they were so sleep deprived because their babies screamed and cried all night, or woke up hungry throughout the night, or had colic, etc. But here I am with a sleeping baby, and I'm not sleeping. Something was wrong with this picture.
I'd wake up around 6:00 AM to feed her and then swaddle her up really good, and put her back to sleep. I'd fall asleep while Brandon got ready for work. I'd wake up again around 7:30 and dress Hallie. I'd kiss them both goodbye, and I was out like a light. Avery Kate no longer sounded like a game of Angry Birds, she slept so soundly during this time. I used to wish and pray that she could sleep this soundly during the night hours. Around 10:00 I would yank myself out of bed and get in the shower. Avery Kate would never make a sound. She looked like a little angel in her bassinet; just sleeping so sound. I'd get out and fix her bottle then contemplate whether or not to wake up such a peaceful baby. I would though because I knew I didn't want her to get too far off of her feeding schedule. I'd feed her, and then hold her for a while as I watched any and everything that TiVo had recorded for me during the night. I remember being so bored because she would never cry. She just sat there and looked around or slept silently... all day long! I mean, I wasn't complaining, but geeze... 8 weeks of this was sure to get old. At least I knew I'd be able to drive in the days to come, and then at least we'd get to go shopping or visit our family and friends. But for now, I was bored out of my mind! I even thought about going back to school before my full eight weeks were over, but then I remember thinking..."Brandi, you'll never get this time back with her. Ever. She'll grow up while you blink your eyes, and you will never again be able to sit at home and stare into those beautiful blue eyes again. Don't go back to work. You will never get this time back." I never knew how much those thoughts meant; never thought they'd be THAT true.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Going Home

I remember that morning very well. STORMING! I think I may have seen a few cats and dogs falling from the sky because it was raining that bad. My mom, brother Jacob, and friend Lindsey waited at our house for us to get home. I put Avery Kate's bow in her hair and just smiled. This was the same bow Hallie wore home from the hospital a little over two years ago. It's so funny how time flies by so quickly. Brandon picked her up to put her in her carseat. She looked so tiny and cozy. I snapped a few pictures of them together with my camera and our phones. Brandon started loading the car as I snuck in a few more (or maybe a lot) of pictures of my sweet girl. I just couldn't believe she was mine and that I was now blessed with two beautiful daughters. "Look out Sadie girl! There's two of them now!" was my facebook status that day. Our yorkie, Sadie, had no clue what was coming to her. After forgetting cel phones and pillows, etc we finally made it home. Sadie jumped into the car before I could even step out. We took Avery Kate out the car and brought her into our bedroom where we could practice our swaddling again. After a few attempts, we knew we needed to pull that DVD out and watch the instructions again. Brandon's mom came over and rocked Avery Kate, of course Hallie and Sadie joined her in the recliner too. We put Avery Kate on the floor and let Hallie really check her out. I will never forget the faces she made at her or the squeaky, high pitched tone she used when she talked to her. Is that what we look and sound like when we talk to babies?? Hallie was already the best big sister in the world. She helped me feed her and even got her diapers for me. She ejnoyed every minute of it. I thought for sure she would be jealous with someone else getting all the attention in the house, but nope....Hallie was on cloud nine with this new baby sister in the house. All my fears were then put away. I knew everything was going to be OK and having two little girls was going to be just fine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our first full day with our baby girl

September 2, 2011. It was a Friday and we had many visitors coming in and out all day to visit and meet our newest addition. There were many times that I was left alone with her though, and for some reason I remember being really nervous. Why was I so nervous? I mean, I've done this before. What's different? It's like I knew something was different but couldn't put my finger on it. I noticed she acted like she was gagging sometimes, and it freaked me out. Her little chin shivered at times but I just assumed she may be cold. Her right leg also did the same shivering thing, but everyone told me this was all normal and she was OK. I know babies do things like this all the time, but for some reason, they worried me. I had shrugged these thoughts off knowing deep down that I was over reacting and my baby was just as perfect as everyone had told me.
More pleasant memories from that day are the times when I could just hold her and stare at her beautiful face. I can still close my eyes at this very moment and see her sleeping face on that day. I remember her "new baby" smell. Gosh, why don't they just bottle that stuff up and sell it! Isn't that smell just so comforting? It just reminds me of the innocence of a child. AMAZING!
Next they come to do the hearing test on Avery Kate. My good friend, Elise gave birth to baby Hunter back in March. It was then that they found out he deaf. These types of things never worried me before because they just don't happen to anyone you know. Well Hunter's situation really hit close to home. You can have a perfect pregnancy, perfect delivery, and perfect parents, but things can still go wrong. I was scared out of my mind when the nurse took her to do her hearing screening. I remember holding my breath unable to read her face. Finally I just asked her, "Is she doing OK?" And then I saw the smile...whew! She said, "She's doing just great." And then here come the waterworks! I know she thought I was crazy with tears rolling down my face after she assured me she was OK.
The rest of that day I held my baby close and gave her so many kisses. I just kept telling Brandon, "I just love her so much!" During my 9 month pregnancy I had often wondered how there would be any more room in my heart for another child. These moments proved that the heart is like a balloon and can hold more love than anyone can ever imagine.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Big Day

Thursday, September 1, 2011. 12:30 AM, I go to the restroom (one of the usual 5-7 trips I would make during the night) and feel the right side of my belly. Hiccups. I got a little teary eyed as I felt my belly thinking this would be the last time I would ever feel hiccups from the inside. I went back to bed to try my best to sleep a few hours before the big day began. We woke up around 4:15. I straightened my hair, packed up a few last things in my bag, took one last picture of my pregnant belly, and we were out the door. We got to Memorial Hospital for Women, Gauthier Campus at around 4:45. It's only 3-4 miles from our house. I got settled in my nice room (suite really) and patiently waited for what was to come. I was a little nervous because I remember how painful my day had been when I delivered Hallie. Our room number was 1111. Well the nurse could not seem to get my IV in. She tried both hands, and numerous veins. She had to go ask for help. Meanwhile I wasn't wasting any time this day, I put on my makeup and waited to see Dr. Scroggs. I was still only 4 cm so I knew it would be a long day. Brandon's aunt, Denine, had come in from Houston where she works in labor and delivery at Texas Children's Hospital. She was a huge help when I had Hallie and we couldn't imagine our day without her. My mom was on her way in from New Iberia, Terri was at our house getting Hallie ready for her day at Mrs. Kathy's (her babysitter), and Mrs. Christy was at work, awaiting our phone call saying, "It's time!" Around 8:30, they came to give me my epidural. I'm not even in pain. I'm not even uncomfortable yet. Really? I can get my epidural?? Oh yea! Plug it in! Dr. Scroggs comes in around 9:15 to break my water. Still 4 cm. I knew the day was going to be a long day, but just how long are we talking here? As I'm lying in the bed playing Words with Friends on my iphone and taking bets on how much Avery Kate would weigh, Denine is just sewing a bow for our baby girl. She'd pop her head up every now and then and take a quick glance at my contractions, but other than that.....nothing. I thought geeze, she doesn't even care if I have this baby today! I'll be pregnant forever! At around 10:20, Brandon and my mom decide to go get lunch at Tony's pizza; way across town. No problem, it'll be a while. While they were gone, my nurse comes to check me again. 8 cm! Holy Moly! Already??? I texted Brandon and he immediately called me in disbelief. He and my mom were both back at the hospital in a flash. I told Denine I didn't like my epidural and I wanted to be "paralyzed" from the waist down. She called in the anesthesiologist. He fixed my epidural so that I was absolutely numb. Just the way I like it! She asked if I was good. I nodded. She said, "Go ahead and call in the nurse. We're ready to deliver." What??? Is she serious?? She was sewing a bow! How would she even know that? Sure enough my nurse, Laura, comes in, checks me, and says, "Don't move! I'm calling Dr. Scroggs!" I just couldn't believe it! My friend Kelli had called, and I told her to go get a pedicure because I just knew I wouldn't deliver until 5:00 at the earliest! Boy was I wrong. Dr. Scroggs and staff came in around 11:55 to prepare for the delivery. Here we go!!! I pushed for maybe 30 minutes and she was out. They put her on my chest and she looked into my eyes for the first time. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. Brandon cut the cord and smiled the happiest daddy smile I've ever seen. We were the proud parents of two beautiful girls. They cleaned her up and weighed her. One whole pound lighter than her sister, she weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and she was 19 inches long. What an amazing day! They wrapped her in her infamous pink blanket and she was in my arms once again. I was sooooo happy. We let everyone come in and meet her. She was absolutely perfect in every way.
We let Hallie come to meet her baby sister around 4:00 that afternoon. She wasn't sure what to think at first, but she warmed up quickly. She held her and played with her tiny fingers. And of course, she gave her millions of kisses. She loved her even though they'd just met.
 I honestly believe in love at first sight, because I have felt it twice now, and witnessed that same experience for Brandon and now Hallie. What an amazing feeling. That night I remember just holding her and staring at her thinking that I was just the luckiest mom in the world.

The Pregnancy

Throughout the 9 months of my pregnancy I was soooo sick. It was no different than when I was pregnant for Hallie though. Threw up all day, spent some time... a lot of time... in the hospital for dehydration and contractions. Through all of this though, she was a healthy baby. Dr. Scroggs just kept reminding me that SHE was OK because she took everything from me which was making me sick. I figured, hey as long as it's not life threatening, I'll take one for the team. Despite all the sickness, I still made plans for our beautiful baby girl's future. Washing and oxy-cleaning Hallie's hand-me-downs, ordering the most beautiful bedding, rearranging rooms in our house, buying new clothes, and for anyone who knows me well.... monogramming everything possible! We knew (or thought we knew) that this would be our last child so I wanted it all to say Avery Kate on it, or at least have her initials. There was a blanket at Pink & Blue Ave. that I wanted really badly. It was around $50, and Brandon thought that was an absurd amount of money to spend on one single blanket. I may have thought the same, but I had to have it, so I was constantly bringing it up. One weekend, I was out and about with my friend Elise when Brandon calls me. He's fishing with my dad and realized he was going to be a lot later than he originally told me. So he wouldn't "get in trouble" with me, he said, "Honny, why don't you go get that blanket while we fish a little longer." Oh yea! He could've stayed in that boat for the rest of the week. I had my blanket and was so excited! I got home and immediately washed and dried it, and put it in my hospital bag. I could not wait to swaddle up little Avery Kate and hold her in that soft little blanket.
I started teaching 2nd grade in mid-August just waiting for my water to break in the middle of class. The janitor, Mr. Mike, was already so nervous that this would happen and he'd have to be the one to take me to the hospital! I assured him that I had a beach towel handy and everything would be OK. After almost three weeks, I got the word from Dr. Scroggs that I was finally 4cm and ready to be admitted! I went back to school that day, tied up my loose ends, and hugged my kids goodbye. "September 1, 2011... that would be my baby's birthday, a day I'd never forget," were my thoughts as I wrote the date on the board preparing my sub for her first day solo. Little did I know just how special that day would be to me for the rest of my life.

From the Beginning

I've decided to create this blog to help me to heal from the loss of my 2 month old baby girl, Avery Kate. We lost her to SIDS and have no other cause of death. I'm also hoping that by sharing my thoughts and feelings, I may be able to help someone else too.
To bring you all up to speed, I am starting at the very beginning of my story. It was January 5, 2011. I got a phone call at school in Lake Charles, LA from my mom telling me that my PawPaw had stage 4 lung cancer. I was completely devastated and immediately left school. On my way out of town I started thinking, well what if I'm pregnant?? I could bring some good news to New Iberia right? Since I wasn't due to start my period for another 3 days, I knew this could be a long shot. Sure enough the test said positive, but it was almost as if I had to cross my eyes a little bit to see it. But I knew! My husband, Brandon told me to get blood work done on my way out of town to see my PawPaw just to be sure. I picked up my 18 month old daughter, Hallie, from her baby sitter, had my blood work done at a local path lab, and stopped at a t-shirt shop to have Hallie a "I'm the Big Sister" shirt made. I just thought what a great way to tell everyone! Almost 2 hours later, I drive up at the hospital in New Iberia and get the phone call from the Path Lab. INDECISIVE! What!!! So it's not positive, but it's not negative??? great... no sharing this news today. And it was for the best, because the family was just not emotionally stable enough to hear this news. Two days later, I did more blood work and got that call I'd been waiting for... "You're pregnant!" she said. Then we were able to share the news with all our family and friends. It was such an amazing moment to be able to tell Hallie that she would be a big sister. Unforgettable!