Avery Kate

Avery Kate was a healthy ten week old baby girl who went to sleep for a nap and woke up in Heaven. We miss her every second of every day. SIDS became a reality in our family and we will never forget our beautiful baby girl.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Going Home

I remember that morning very well. STORMING! I think I may have seen a few cats and dogs falling from the sky because it was raining that bad. My mom, brother Jacob, and friend Lindsey waited at our house for us to get home. I put Avery Kate's bow in her hair and just smiled. This was the same bow Hallie wore home from the hospital a little over two years ago. It's so funny how time flies by so quickly. Brandon picked her up to put her in her carseat. She looked so tiny and cozy. I snapped a few pictures of them together with my camera and our phones. Brandon started loading the car as I snuck in a few more (or maybe a lot) of pictures of my sweet girl. I just couldn't believe she was mine and that I was now blessed with two beautiful daughters. "Look out Sadie girl! There's two of them now!" was my facebook status that day. Our yorkie, Sadie, had no clue what was coming to her. After forgetting cel phones and pillows, etc we finally made it home. Sadie jumped into the car before I could even step out. We took Avery Kate out the car and brought her into our bedroom where we could practice our swaddling again. After a few attempts, we knew we needed to pull that DVD out and watch the instructions again. Brandon's mom came over and rocked Avery Kate, of course Hallie and Sadie joined her in the recliner too. We put Avery Kate on the floor and let Hallie really check her out. I will never forget the faces she made at her or the squeaky, high pitched tone she used when she talked to her. Is that what we look and sound like when we talk to babies?? Hallie was already the best big sister in the world. She helped me feed her and even got her diapers for me. She ejnoyed every minute of it. I thought for sure she would be jealous with someone else getting all the attention in the house, but nope....Hallie was on cloud nine with this new baby sister in the house. All my fears were then put away. I knew everything was going to be OK and having two little girls was going to be just fine.

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  1. Stormy! Like.. if you didn't know what to name her, that would have been a good name.. :D